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          TFS coaches name Indians of the Week for Feb. 24-29


          Tallulah Falls School coaches have selected Indian Athletes of the Week for Feb. 24-29.  


          Middle school girl 



          Middle school boy

          Eighth-grader Sam Ketch of Clarkesville was named an Indian of the Week by middle school track & field coach Scott Neal. 

          “Sam came out of the Tri-State Conference basketball runner-up team and hit the ground running (or in his case, throwing) in track & field,” Neal said. “Sam threw the 4k shot more than 40 feet in the annual indoor meet at Riverside Military Academy. He also runs sprints and any relay needed to help the team. Positive, focused, and goal-oriented, Sam seeks to be GREAT!” 

          Varsity girl

          Senior Abby Peacock of Clarkesville was named an Indian of the Week by soccer coach Travis Mullis. 

          Varsity boy

          Senior Zhiyang Shu of China was named an Indian of the Week by varsity tennis coach Randy Morris. 

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